"brother to the great preacher Whitefield"

George Whitefield preaching
Public DomainGeorge Whitefield preaching - Credit: Joseph Belcher
George Whitefield (1714- 1770) was an English Anglican priest and a founder of Methodism, and the evangelical movement more broadly.  He became one of the best-known preachers in Britain and America in the 18th century.  He traveled throughout the American colonies.  In both England and America he favoured open-air preaching, and drew great crowds.  Travelling across North America in 1740, he preached a series of revivals that came to be known as the Great Awakening of 1740, addressing large crowds of sometimes several thousand people, nearly every day for several months.  He was known for his charisma, and it is reported that his voice could be heard over five miles.  He used print media to great advantage, sending advance men to put up posters and distribute handbills announcing his sermons, and publishing his sermons and distributing them widely.