"It may indeed be compared to the celebrated Mrs. Hussey"

Mrs. Hussey was a fashionable mantua-maker, who lived in the Strand, and was a friend of Henry Fielding.  She related the following story, which was recorded by her grand-nephew J. T. Smith:

One day Mr. Fielding observed to Mrs. Hussey, that he was then engaged in writing a novel, which he thought would be his best production; and that he intended to introduce in it the characters of all his friends. Mrs. Hussey, with a smile, ventured to remark, that he must have many niches, and that surely they must already be filled. ‘I assure you, my dear madam,’ replied he, ‘there shall be a bracket for a bust of you.’

Sure enough, Fielding included a line praising Sophia Western, and referring to Mrs. Hussey.  In some editions of the book, this is accompanied by a note ‘A celebrated mantua-maker in the Strand, famous for setting off the shapes of women.’