"as Martial says, Aliter non fit, avite, liber. No book can be otherwise composed"

Marcus Valerius Martialis, known as Martial (40 AD – c.102 AD) was a Latin poet from Hispania (the Iberian Peninsula), best known for his twelve books of Epigrams published in Rome between 86 and 103 AD.  His short, witty poems satirise city life and the scandalous activities of his acquaintances, and romanticise his provincial upbringing. They provide a colourful insight into Roman daily life at the time. He wrote a total of 1,561 poems, and is considered to be the creator of the modern epigram.

An example, poking fun at the medical profession:

"I felt a little ill and called Dr. Symmachus.

Well, you came, Symmachus, but you brought 100 medical students with you.

One hundred ice-cold hands poked and jabbed me.

I didn't have a fever, Symmachus, when I called you –but now I do.”