"she was no other than Madam Jenny Cameron herself"

Flora Macdonald, another Jacobite heroine
Public DomainFlora Macdonald, another Jacobite heroine - Credit: Allan Ramsay, 1713-1784
Jenny Cameron was a hero of Scotland’s Jacobite Risings in 1745. She was noted for her beauty, charm and genteel manners.  Her legend is remembered in the Scottish ballad, Bonnie Jeanie Cameron.

There is confusion as to her identity, and her story may be an amalgam of the lives of three different people – Jeanie Cameron who raised troops for the Jacobites, Jenny Cameron, mistress of Charles Stuart, and Jenny Cameron, a milliner from Edinburgh. 

The main source of information about Jeanie Cameron is A Complete History of the Rebellion: From Its First Rise in 1745 to Its Total Suppression at the Glorious Battle of Culloden in April, 1746 by James Ray, published in 1752, although some of the details of her life may have been invented in an attempt to discredit her and other supporters of the Stuart cause. Ray claims that Jeanie was born in 1695, and had lived a life of sexual scandal. At the time of the Rebellion, she raised 250 men and joined the Jacobite cause, personally presenting her troops to the Prince and staying with him until the defeat at Stirling Castle.  This would have made her rather old to be the Prince’s consort however.