"those terrestrial Elysian fields"

Cronus, who ruled over Elysium
Public DomainCronus, who ruled over Elysium - Credit: Galerie mythologique, A.L. Millin
For the ancient Greeks, Tartarus represented the underworld, where everyone ended up after death.  There each person was judged by the gods of the underworld.  Those who were found to be neither virtuous nor evil were sent to the Asphodel Meadows. Those found to be evil would be kept in Tartarus for endless punishment.  Those who were judged to be virtuous and heroic, were sent to Elysium or the Elysian Fields.  Elysium was a blessed and wonderful place, where fortunate souls spent the afterlife being happy and care-free, enjoying music, games and perpetual sunshine.  Elysium was believed to be located on earth. Homer described it as the western edge of the Earth, by the stream of Oceanus.