"Orpheus and Amphion went a little farther"
Orpheus and the Beasts
Public DomainOrpheus and the Beasts - Credit: Sebastiaan Vrancx 1595

Orpheus was a legendary musician, poet, and prophet in ancient Greek religion and myth. He was able to charm birds, fish and wild beasts with his music, coax the trees and rocks to dance, and divert the course of rivers.  Greeks of the Classical age venerated him as the greatest of all poets and musicians.  He attempted to retrieve his wife from the underworld (and almost succeeded), using his music to soften the hearts of Hades and Persephone.  He practiced magical arts and astrology, founded cults to Apollo and Dionysus and prescribed the mystery rites preserved in Orphic texts.

Amphion statue, Vienna
Public DomainAmphion statue, Vienna - Credit: schurl50

Greek mythology describes Amphion and Zethus as the twin sons of Zeus and Antiope.  Amphion became a great singer and musician, after Hermes gave him a golden lyre and taught him to play. Zethus became a hunter and herdsman.  When the city of Thebes needed protection, the brothers built the city walls.  While Zethus hauled rocks to build the wall, Amphion relied on his magical lyre to charm the rocks and stones to do his bidding, persuading them to assemble themselves into the massive fortifications that protected the kingdom and its treasures.