"would have become the mouth of Oroondates himself"

Public DomainCassandra - Credit: Evelyn de Morgan
Gaultier de Coste La Calprenede’s The Famous History of Cassandra: containing many admirable adventures of the most illustrious of either sex, includes the story of Oroondates, a prince of Scythia whose desired bride is snatched away by an elder king.  The book was written in five volumes, originally in French, and was first published in 1642-5.  It was translated into English by Sir Charles Cotterell.  The first edition of Cotterell’s translation appeared in 1667.

The rival kings, or, The loves of Oroondates and Statira a tragedy, a play written by Mr. Bankes, was staged at the Theatre-Royal, London, in 1677.