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Page 313. " the Boetian writers "
Map of the central regions of Ancient Greece
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeMap of the central regions of Ancient Greece - Credit: MinisterForBadTimes
Boeotia is part of the region of Central Greece. Many ancient Greek legends originate in the region. Between 1600 and 1200 BC, the Mycenean Greeks established themselves in Boeotia and the city of Thebes became an important centre. Great writers from the region include Hesiod, Pindar and Plutarch.  The Athenians, however, did not think much of their Boeotian counterparts, and portrayed them as proverbially dull and countrified.  The use of the term Boeotian to describe someone as ignorant or dull carried over into modern times, and was in use during the 18 th century.