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Page 352. " the householders of Hanover or Grosvenor Square "
Interior of Dercy House on Grosvenor Square, 1777
Public DomainInterior of Dercy House on Grosvenor Square, 1777 - Credit: Robert Adam

Grosvenor Square is a large garden square in London’s exclusive Mayfair area.  Sir Richard Grosvenor obtained a licence to develop Grosvenor Square and the surrounding streets in 1710.  Development commenced in about 1721.

Grosvenor Square was one of the most fashionable residential addresses in London during the 18th and 19th centuries.  Between 1727 and 1741, the residents included 16 peers (including two dukes and nine earls), six children of peers, four baronets, four knights, and five titled widows, as well as 19 Members of Parliament, and various generals.  Members of the Grosvenor family lived in the Square from at least 1755 to 1885.

Grosvenor Square today
Public DomainGrosvenor Square today - Credit: Millennium Hotel Mayfair

The original houses generally had three stories and an attic, and were built to individual designs.

Nearly all of the older houses were demolished during the 20th century and replaced with blocks of flats in a neo-Georgian style, hotels and embassies.  The central garden was originally reserved for the use of the occupants of the houses.  It is now a public park.