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Page 202. " that of Narva won by Charles the Twelfth of Sweden "
Battle of Narva 1700
Public DomainBattle of Narva 1700 - Credit: Alexander von Kotzebue

In late 1700, an alliance comprising Russia, Denmark-Norway, and Poland-Lithuania, simultaneously attacked Sweden from several directions.  Charles XII of Sweden, assisted by the Dutch Navy, won an early victory against Denmark-Norway, forcing them out of the alliance.  During November, Russian troops surrounded and laid siege to the Swedish city of Narva, in Estonia.  On 19 November Charles XII positioned his 8,000 men opposite the besieging Russian army of about 33,000 troops. While the Swedish army was commanded personally by Charles XII, Peter the Great of Russia had left Narva days before to return to Russia.  For much of the day, a blizzard engulfed both armies, making attacks impossible. However, at midday, the winds changed and the snowstorm blew directly into the eyes of the Russians. Charles advanced on the Russian army under cover of the weather, broke through the Russian lines, and rounded them up.  A bridge over the Narova river collapsed under retreating Russian troops. That and the resulting stampede led to losses of 6,000 to 18,000 Russians. The remaining troops surrendered.