Page 31. " So a big pigeon pie was brought in and put on a side-table, "

Despite now being regarded as the 'rats of the sky', pigeons were once a popular English dish. Now novelty fare, Keith Floyd suggests you prepare pigeon with the following ingredients.


  • 4-5 pigeons, drawn

  • salt and pepper

  • 250g/8oz stewing beef

  • 250g/8oz shortcrust pastry

  • beaten egg to glaze

  • 2 tsp cornflour

  • 300ml/10fl oz stock

Read more preparation instructions here.

Page 33. " In a few cases, to be sure, the name of a place would be added, as ʺOffe Caraccas;ʺ or a mere entry of latitude and longitude, as ʺ62º 17' 20ʺ, 19º 2' 40ʺ. "

Latitude is measured in angular lines that circle the globe from east to west. The equator is measured at zero degrees. Each of these parallel lines are divided into sixty minutes, which are in turn divided into sixty seconds. Longitude is measured in angular lines that run from north to south. These too are divided into minutes and seconds.

Public Domain Drawing of Earth with Longitudes



Enter the coordinates here and see exactly where the example is located. A visual explanation of latitude and longitude is offered in the clip below.


Page 37. " You never imagined a sweeter schoonera child might sail her-two hundred tons;name, Hispaniola. "

Spirit of Bermuda
Creative Commons AttributionSpirit of Bermuda - Credit: Roger H. Goun
Schooners were first used by the Dutch in the sixteenth or seventeenth centuries and were popular in North America from the eighteenth-century onwards. They were prized for their sleekness and speed and were used in the trades that required swiftness of transportation e.g. slaving, pirating, privateering (hired war ships), blockade running (transporting food or arms to a blockaded city) or offshore fishing. They typically carried a crew of around  seventy-five.