"You know Debussy?"

Clair de Lune is French for moonlight.

Claude Debussy
Public DomainClaude Debussy

This piano piece is the third movement of Suite Bergamasque by Claude Debussy, written in 1888 when he was only 26 years old.

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It is thought to have been inspired by a poem of the same name by Paul Verlaine (1844 – 1896) :


Your soul is a chosen landscape

Where charming masked and costumed figures go

Playing the lute and dancing and almost

Sad beneath their fantastic disguises.                                        


All sing in a minor key

Of all-conquering love and careless fortune

They do not seem to believe in their happiness

And their song mingles with the moonlight.


The still moonlight, sad and beautiful,

Which gives the birds to dream in the trees

And makes the fountain sprays sob in ecstasy,

The tall, slender fountain sprays among the marble statues.


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