"The windows were full of crystals, dream-catchers, and books about spiritual healing"
Crystal Ball
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeCrystal Ball - Credit: Marieke Kuijjer

Divination is the art of telling the future, and the crystal is one way to do it. There are two approaches to using crystals: the first is crystal gazing, in which one looks for the future in the crystals; the second is scrying, or interpreting the future by the position of the stones.

Dream Catcher
Creative Commons AttributionDream Catcher - Credit: Alexandra Ventura
The Dream Catcher was first used by Native Americans, and is now a symbol of their culture. They believe that the dream catcher can capture bad dreams and allow only the good dreams to travel to the sleeper's mind. A dream catcher is generally hand-made out of willow which is bent and woven with nets.