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Forks, Washington State
Forks, WA
Creative Commons AttributionForks, WA - Credit: Ewen Roberts

 Forks is a small city situated on Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula, close to Olympic National Park’s Pacific Ocean beaches and the Hoh River Rain Forest. It lies between Port Angeles and Aberdeen on Highway 101, and is the only major center of commerce between them.

The population was estimated at 3,120 in the 2000 United States Census. The city is named after the forks in the nearby rivers.  

Street in Forks
Creative Commons AttributionStreet in Forks - Credit: Ken Lund

The city's economy was, for years, founded on the local timber industry, but with timber's recent decline, Forks has had to rely mainly on tourism. It is a popular destination for sport fishers, and for visitors to the National Park. The extraordinary success of the Twilight saga has brought in many more visitors, with a huge number of fans wanting to walk the streets described in the series.



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