Richelle Mead at a book signing in Chicago, Illinois
Public DomainRichelle Mead at a book signing in Chicago, Illinois - Credit: WikiWynn

Born on the 12th of November 1976, Richelle Mead exhibited a flair for writing very early in life, publishing a short story by the name of Judy and the Mermaid in a children's magazine at the age of nine. A native of Kalamazoo, Michigan, Richelle graduated from Comstock High School then went on to further her education in a spectacular way, obtaining a liberal arts degree (University of Michigan), an MA in Comparative Religion (Western Michigan University) and a Masters in Teaching (University of Washington).

Her writing talent was to be put on hold for many years, while she concentrated on her interim career as an English and social studies middle school teacher. But she was accumulating knowledge on mythology and folklore, subjects Richelle has always been fascinated by, and this prepared her to write the adult and young adult novels that have made her a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author.

In her free time, Richelle completed her first novel. It was never published, perhaps because it was extremely long; however, the experience proved to be an invaluable one for Richelle, impressing on her the importance of planning a novel thoroughly in advance, to avoid rambling on with no direction. Her second full-length book, Succubus Blues, sold relatively quickly and launched Richelle's career as a novelist, permitting her to quit teaching and take up writing full-time.

Writing and promoting three ongoing series (Georgina Kincaid, Dark Swan and Vampire Academy) makes for an incredibly demanding schedule, and Richelle's time is split between book tours and her home in Seattle, Washington, where she writes. Occasionally, Richelle also finds the time to contribute short stories and novellas to anthologies in her chosen genres, paranormal romance and urban fantasy.

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