Page 4. " Her pale, jade-green eyes watched me with concern. "
Light Green Eyes - Candice Wright
Permission Granted by Copyright Owner for Use on Book DrumLight Green Eyes - Candice Wright - Credit: Candice Wright
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeJade - Credit: Immanuel Giel


Fewer than 2% of us have green eyes, most of the lucky ones being of Nordic, Germanic or Celtic ancestry. Occasionally, this unusual eye colour will also be found in people from West Asia, South Asia or North Africa.

Page 4. " unseasonably warm for a Portland fall "

The City of Portland is located in the state of Oregon, which forms part of the Northwestern United States.


Page 7. " drive over to the train station and go to L.A. "

Los Angeles is located on the coast of Southern California, in the Western United States

The city has plenty of vampires of its own: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is set in the fictional Californian town of Sunnydale but filmed in LA, where the original movie was set.


Page 8. " senior year had just started "

In the United States, education begins at an early age with Kindergarten, after which children attend Elementary School, Middle School then High School.

Ninth graders are freshmen, tenth graders are called sophomores, eleventh graders are known as juniors and students in the twelfth grade are called seniors.

Learn more about the schooling system in the United States here!

Page 9. " I could make out Jeremy's green Honda "


'92 Honda Accord
Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike'92 Honda Accord - Credit: Sarah_Jones

The Japanese multinational corporation Honda may have a hand in the production of many things, ranging from garden equipment to jet engines, but it is undoubtedly one of the world's biggest car manufacturers, focusing mainly on small to medium-sized automobiles that are particularly fuel-efficient.


Page 9. " A long brown coat - a duster, I thought it was called. "
Man Wearing a Duster
Public DomainMan Wearing a Duster - Credit: Mcumpston


A duster is an aptly named coat that was originally worn by horsemen over their clothing as protection against dust, hence the rider-friendly slit up the back.

Dusters are generally light garments, made from canvas or linen. They're loose, so as to fit comfortably over other clothing, and ankle length.

Page 11. " I could hear a faint Russian accent. "

This is what a Russian accent sounds like:


Page 15. " Hey, Comrade. "

Rose is mocking Dimitri when she calls him "Comrade", a form of address associated with the communists of the USSR.

Page 17. " With plump little cheeks and blond ringlets, she looked like a porcelain doll. "
Porcelain Doll
Creative Commons AttributionPorcelain Doll - Credit: Sherry's Rose Cottage


Page 21. " To my mom in Nepal? "

The South Asian country of Nepal is a really long way from Montana:

Google Map




Page 22. " Romanian descent "

Many of the earliest stories of vampires come from the European country of Romania.

Bram Stoker's vampire book Dracula was based on Vlad the Impaler, a nobleman and warrior from Transylvania, now part of Romania.

Dracula on Book Drum



Page 22. " My dhampir mother was Scottish - red-haired, with a ridiculous accent "
Scottish Woman - Tilda Swinton
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeScottish Woman - Tilda Swinton - Credit: Alan Strevens

With 13 % of its people brandishing blazing hair, and a further 40 % carrying the recessive ginger gene, Scotland has the highest proportion of redheads in the world.

If you're interested in hearing the various Scottish accents and dialects, check out this website! Alternatively, read about them here!

Page 22. " I'd been told my Moroi dad was Turkish "

The Republic of Turkey is a country situated at one of the points where Europe meets Asia, just south of the Black Sea.


Page 22. " skin the same color as the inside of an almond "
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeAlmonds - Credit: M.Verkerk, J.J.G.Claessens

Unshelled almonds are a light creamy colour underneath their brown seed coats, therefore Rose clearly boasts an incredibly fair complexion.

Page 23. " watched the exchange like it was a Ping-Pong game "

The game of Ping-Pong, or table tennis, originated in Britain during the nineteenth century, and has been an Olympic sport since 1988.

Ping-Pong is played by two or four players. and involves batting a light ball back and forth across a hard table bisected by a net.