Page 51. " super-skinny runway models so popular in the human world "
New York Fashion Week, 2007
Creative Commons AttributionNew York Fashion Week, 2007 - Credit: Art Comments

The modeling industry is particularly cutthroat, and can have a dangerous impact (beyond malnutrition in models) on the female population at large by presenting society with an image of "perfection" that the majority of women have no hope of ever attaining. 

Female models are generally required to be at least 5' 8" (1,73 m) tall and, according to the AMA, should ideally exhibit the following extreme measurements:

Bust: 34" (86 cm)

Waist: 24" (61 cm)

Hips: 34" (86 cm)

Page 53. " deep auburn "
Auburn Hair
Public DomainAuburn Hair - Credit: Gbi.bytos

Auburn hair is most likely to occur naturally in people from northern and western European countries, including Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Scotland.

It is a beautiful colour that bridges the gap between brown and red hair with a variety of fierce shades.

Page 66. " I attended the one in Siberia. "

Although Siberia makes up three-quarters of the massive realm that is Russia, only one-quarter of the country's population calls this inhospitable land home.