blood whore
insulting term for dhampir who allows vampires to drink her blood during sex (extremely perverted act)
forbidden magic, whereby someone is compelled to think or behave in a specific way
half-human, half-vampire; incredibly hardy, with vampire senses and reflexes, as well as human strength and endurance
human who has willingly offered himself as regular Moroi blood source, in exchange for being looked after; becomes addicted to endorphin rush triggered by chemicals in vampire saliva
dhampir who has dedicated life to protection of weaker Moroi, since dhampirs cannot be conceived without continued survival of Moroi
molnija mark
two lightning bolts crossing in an X, tattooed on back of dhampir's neck for every Strigoi he kills
living vampires, gifted with the use of elemental magic
dhampir training to become a guardian
promise mark
twisting line (resembling snake) tattooed on back of dhampir's neck, marking him as a guardian
magical creatures resembling wolves, apart from brown fur and glowing orange eyes; travel in packs, share psychic communication and only answer to Moroi
fiercely determined fighter
dhampir returned to life by Moroi specialized in spirit, resulting in psychic bond through which she is constantly aware of her Moroi's emotions and able to enter her body at will; protects Moroi from madness that wielding spirit brings
silver stake
guardian weapon created with elemental magic (thick rounded body narrowing to point with hand grip at base); one through heart is instant death for Strigoi
undead evil vampires, who have lost their magical affinity but gained an aversion for the sun and holy ground, as well as immortality and unsurpassed strength, reflexes and senses; Moroi blood increases their power; Strigoi forcibly turn victims or Moroi choose to turn by draining another's blood