"our dear Wintzingerode"
 Ferdinand of Wintzingerode (1770-1818) was born in Saxony in Germany. He spent his life collecting army service, working in the Russian, Austrian and Prussian armies during the Napoleonic Wars. It seems surprising that he never quite made it over the Channel to serve in the British army as well.

He became a General under Tsar Alexander I in 1802, and in 1805 was instrumental in negotiating the alliance between Austria, Prussia and Great Britain against France. After a brief interlude in the Austrian army from 1809-12, Wintzingerode returned to the Russian army where he fought the French invasion of Russia, earning the grand cross of Maria Theresa. When Napoleon's army left Russia, Wintzingerode hopped over to the Prussian army to fight the French in the battles of Lutzen and Leipzig, eventually becoming General of the Cavalry.