"Suvorov now - he knew what he was about"

 Count Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov (1729-1800) was a great military general who served under Catherine the Great. He is said never to have lost a battle, although that is now debated. In his youth, Suvorov learned to speak four languages and studied military history; he later published his own manual, The Science of Victory.

As well as fighting in Russia's wars against the Ottoman Empire, Prussia and Poland, Suvorov took part in the suppression of the Pugachev Rebellion of 1775. After the ascension of Tsar Paul I, Suvorov retired in disgrace, only to return to fight the French Revolutionary armies in Italy in 1799. His triumphs in this war led him to become the fourth generalissimo of the Russian Army, an honour not bestowed to anyone for many hundreds of years, although Paul I's suspicions towards Suvorov led to the cancellation of further honours. Suvorov has long been considered a great military hero in Russia.

There is a Suvorov Museum in St Petersburg.