"he attacked Mortier's division"
Marshall Mortier by Edouard-Louis Dubufe
Public DomainMarshall Mortier by Edouard-Louis Dubufe

 Édouard Mortier (1768-1835) was a general in Napoleon's army who became a Marshall of France in 1804. He was instrumental in the defeat of the Austrians at Ulm, and at the Battle of Austerlitz. However, in this instance, Mortier exposed the northern flank of his division whilst advancing on the northern side of the Danube. Kutuzov took advantage of his mistake, engaging the French in the Battle of Dürrenstein, a long engagement that resulted in heavy losses on both sides, and both sides declaring victory.

Mortier fought in Napoleon's army up until Waterloo, where he was unable to serve as he was suffering from sciatica. After Napoleon's defeat Mortier was briefly disgraced, but he eventually returned to public service, becoming King Louis-Philippe's ambassador to St Peterburg. He was killed in a bizarre attack aimed at Louis-Phillipe, when a multiple-firing musket machine, a precursor of the machine gun, was fired at the royal party during a military parade. Louis-Philippe survived the assassination attempt and wept at Mortier's funeral.