"this Don Juan, wicked fellow"

 Don Juan is a legendary Spanish rake whose story has been told many times by many different artists, from Lord Byron to Molière and Mozart.

The earliest known version of the tale comes from a play by the Spanish writer Tirso de Molina, which dates from around 1630. After seducing many different women, Don Juan comes across the ghost of the father of one of his conquests. He invites the father's ghost to dinner with him, and when the ghost returns the invitation, Don Juan visits him at his grave and is dragged into hell.

Mozart italianised the name for his opera Don Giovanni. Ignoring any attempt at a Spanish pronunciation, Byron asks his English readers to pronounce Don Juan 'joo-an' in his 1821 poem, where he portrays Don Juan not as a seducer but as someone who is easily seduced by women.

Read Byron's poem online, or listen to Mozart's Don Giovanni on Spotify.