"the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Prince Adam Czartoryski"
Prince Czartoryski in 1808
Public DomainPrince Czartoryski in 1808

 Prince Adam Jerzy Czartoryski (1770-1861) was a prominent member of the Russian court in Alexander I's time. Due to the shifting nature of national borders and ethnic identities in Eastern Europe at this time, although he was a high-ranking official in the Russian government, he was actually of Lithuanian and Polish descent. Because of this, he was to achieve the unusual distinction of governing two mutually antagonistic nations (Russia and Poland) although obviously not at the same time.

In 1805 Prince Czartoryski had been Foreign Affairs Minister for a year. He was a close personal friend of the tsar, one of a group of advisors who helped Alexander I to govern. As Foreign Minister, he was instrumental in forging the alliances that formed the Allies of the Third Coalition, negotiating with the British, the Austrians, and the Prussians over their response to Napoleon. Czartoryski was then promoted to Chief Minister, the head of the Russian government, but he fell from power two years later in 1807. He remained friends with Alexander I, even though there were later rumours that he was having an affair with the tsar's wife, and might even be the father of their first child, the Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna.

He retired from public life after the wars and moved to Poland, only to become the head of the Polish National Government after the Uprising of 1830. After the Uprising was crushed by the Russians, he was sentenced to death; the sentence was then commuted to exile, and he moved to England, then France, where he died.