"the bread and salt of hospitality"
Ceremonial bread and salt
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeCeremonial bread and salt - Credit: Monika

 Across the Slavic world, bread and salt is offered as part of a traditional welcome ceremony. A round loaf of bread is placed on a tray, with a salt cellar placed on top, or in a hole cut into the bread. Both the tray and the loaf would be highly decorated. The tradition persists to this day, especially at weddings, and during state visits from foreign leaders, where local people dress up in national costume to present the bread and salt.

The tradition is known as khleb-sol in Russian ('bread-salt'), giving rise to the word khlebosolny, 'hospitality'. In the twentieth century the tradition spread into space; it took place on the Mir Space Station and on the International Space Station as a way of greeting newly arrived astronauts.

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