"Murat, now called 'le roi de Naples'"
Joachim Murat
Public DomainJoachim Murat by François Gérard

 Joachim Murat (1767-1815) was married to Napoleon's sister Caroline Bonaparte. He was known for his splashy taste in clothes. Born in France to a farmer and innkeeper, Murat became a Republican, fighting in the French Revolution against the aristocracy. He rose to a position of power under Napoleon, commanding the French cavalry in the Egyptian Campaign before being made a Marshall of France. He was crowned King of Naples in 1808.

After Napoleon's fall Murat was disgraced. He spent some time in Corsica before attempting to regain power in Italy, but was arrested by King Ferdinand IV of Naples before he could seize power. Murat was admired for his bravery at his execution, as he faced the firing squad without a blindfold, telling the soldiers to do their duty, but to avoid hitting him in the face.