"his mameluke, Rustan"
Mameluke Rustam by Jacques de Montabert
Public DomainMameluke Rustam by Jacques de Montabert

 Roustam Raza (as modern spelling has it) was Napoleon's personal bodyguard. Born in Tbilisi in Georgia to Armenian parents, Roustam was sold as a slave at the age of thirteen. He became a mamluk (mameluke), meaning a soldier-slave, a powerful military and political force in the Muslim world, particularly in Egypt. After the defeat of the Ottomans in Egypt, the sheikh offered Roustam to Napoleon as a bodyguard. He served Napoleon until his fall in 1814, by which time he had married a Frenchwoman, Mademoiselle Douville and settled in Dourdan, where he died in 1845. He wrote a memoir of his time with Napoleon, but it does not seem to have been translated into English. You can read it online in Russian here.