"gone to look for mushrooms"
Mushroom Picking by Franciszek Kostrzewski
Public DomainMushroom Picking by Franciszek Kostrzewski

 Mushroom picking is a form of extreme sport popular in several parts of the world, including Russia. The main danger involved is when poisonous mushrooms are misidentified and eaten. But there are other risks: in 2010 a number of Italian mushroom pickers died in falls as they tried to collect particularly sought-after specimens from inaccessible places. In Florida in 1976, two collectors of the hallucinogenic psilocybin mushrooms were shot dead by a policeman.

 However, as with many extreme sports, the dangers of mushroom picking can be mitigated. A number of common species can be correctly identified after a little instruction; others that bear close resemblance to poisonous mushrooms can simply be avoided by those who are not experienced mycologists.