"back up the hill to the Red Square"

The name of Moscow's central square, Krasnaya Ploshchad (Red Square) does not come from the Communist era, as many people assume. In Russian, the word krasnaya can mean both 'red' and 'beautiful'. St Basil's Cathedral, which lies on Red Square, was originally called 'beautiful' St Basil's, and the name came to be associated with the square as well. Originally the site of Moscow's main market, the square became host to many religious processions and festivals. By the end of the seventeenth century, however, the wooden market structures and tents had been cleared out of the square. In the 1700s Catherine the Great made various improvements to the area, which was now known as Beautiful Square. By the time Pierre came to be walking in it, the square had been paved, but the buildings around it were damaged during Napoleon's invasion.