"The statue is a pitman wearing his work clothes and a flat cap."
Mining disaster memorial illustration
Permission Granted by Copyright Owner for Use on Book DrumMining disaster memorial illustration - Credit: David Williams

This a line drawing by Paul Goldsmith of the statue in the story Old Man Tate. (The drawing can be found in the book.) The statue was placed accurately in the story in the 'flower park' side of Hirst Park, Ashington, where it was erected in 1923. The plate underneath reads:

In memory of their fellow workmen who lost their lives in the Woodhorn Colliery explosion on Sunday, August 13th 1916.

There is a list of thirteen victims under the inscription.

The statue stayed in the park until 1991, when it was moved at the request of Bob Howard, son of one of the victims, to Woodhorn Colliery Museum, the site of the disaster. The statue was first located in the car park, then moved near to the pithead building.


The 'flower park' area of Hirst Park:


Flower Park area, Hirst Park
Permission Granted by Copyright Owner for Use on Book DrumFlower Park area, Hirst Park - Credit: ian56