"Inside, my mam's on her own, darning one of my dad's thick pit socks, listening to Wilfred Pickles on the wireless."
Have a Go on the road.
Permission Granted by Copyright Owner for Use on Book DrumHave a Go on the road. - Credit: Terry Guntrip

Wilfred Pickles, a Yorkshireman, was one of the most popular personalities on radio in the 1950s,and one of the first on the BBC to speak with a regional accent (though there was not much trace of it in his early newsreading days). His BBC show Have a Go ran from 1946 to 1967, with an audience of up to twenty million at its peak in the 50s. The show, which 'brought the people to the people', was responsible for such catchphrases as  "Give him the money, Barney" (a reference to the original producer Barney Colehan) and "What's on the table,Mabel?" The aforesaid Mabel was Pickles' wife,who featured on the show. Long-time resident pianist on Have a Go was Violet Carson, who later won fame as Ena Sharples on the Granada TV soap Coronation Street.

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