"when the bedroom door flings open it could be Wyatt Earp striding into the saloon to break up a fight."


Wyatt Earp (full name Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp), born in 1848, was best known as a US peace officer in the Wild West, though he was also at various times a farmer, a buffalo hunter, gambler, saloon-keeper, miner and boxing referee. He is remembered for his participation in the Gunfight at the OK Corral, along with Doc Holliday and two of his brothers, Virgil and Morgan Earp. He is also the major subject of many other movies, TV shows and books, both factual and fictional. Perhaps surprisingly, he did not die in a gunfight, but at home in Los Angeles (possibly of prostrate cancer) on 13 January 1929 at the age of 80.

Wyatt Earp was particularly popular during the period when the story was set as a result of the hit film Gunfight at the OK Corral released in 1957. Burt Lancaster starred as Earp, and Doc Holliday was played by Kirk Douglas. The film was loosely based on the real gunfight which took place on 26 October 1881.