"See, they're all waiting to go back to Waters and Robsons."
Dandelion and Burdock
Creative Commons AttributionDandelion and Burdock - Credit: Michael Fawcett
Waters and Robson was well-known in the North East for its production of soft drinks ('pop' as it was known). Apart from buying its products in shops and pubs, families would often purchase at their own doors from 'pop wagons' that travelled the district. The glass bottles were reused, and to encourage their return a penny deposit was made, redeemed on return of an empty bottle to the shop or wagon. Nowadays Waters and Robson is owned by the world's biggest drinks company, Coca Cola, mainly for its most famous brand Abbey Well mineral water, which is drawn from a deep artesian well in the Northumberland countryside. The well was originally tapped by the local firm's co-founder Thomas Robson in 1910.