"slurps a drink and wipes his mouth like Popeye after he's had his spinach."

Popeye with his spinach Creative Commons Attribution

Popeye first appeared on British television in 1958 on ITV, although the little sailor man, created by Elzie Crisler Segar had been around in comic strip form since 1929. The stories often featured the rivalry of Popeye and the villainous Bluto for the affections of the unfeasibly skinny Olive Oyl. When Popeye found himself unequal to a particular task he often reached inside his vest for a tin of spinach that he would crunch open and down in one swallow. The spinach multiplied his strength to superhero proportions. Anecdotal evidence suggested that the popularity of Popeye was responsible for a boost in the consumption of the healthy vegetable by children in the USA.


Some Popeye catchphrases:

"I yam what I am."

"Open sez me."

"Blow me down."


 Enjoy the Popeye theme tune on Youtube with some images and clips from the cartoon.