""How's the leek's coming?" says Dad."
Growing leeks
Permission Granted by Copyright Owner for Use on Book DrumGrowing leeks - Credit: Colin Clews

In this story Washed with milk (which refers to the practice of some growers who carefully brushed their leeks just before taking them to the leek show) the boy's father is entering leeks for the local leek show, but he has not grown them himself. It was common practice for men to get a gardening friend or relative to grow leeks on their behalf at an allotment. Uncle Josh is the champion leek grower in the town, and he pooh-poohs most of the myths about the best way to feed leeks - myths that include pouring Newcastle Brown Ale on them or 'pissing on them', though Josh does collect sheep droppings from the moor to use as fertilizer.

Here's a video featuring a North East grower in the 1950s explaining his method of growing and showing leeks, including mention of gathering sheep droppings from the moor and sleeping at the allotment to guard the leeks, as Uncle Josh does in this story.