"One of the pictures is definitely supposed to be Freddie Mills, the other one is harder to guess - maybe Randolph Turpin wearing his Lonsdale Belt."

Freddie Mills (1919-1965) was an English boxer who was world light heavyweight boxing champion from 1949-1950. He remained in the public eye long after retirement, having walk-on parts in various films and even became presenter of the BBC pop show Six-Five Special. With his nightclub in Soho, he flirted with the criminal fraternity; the Kray Twins were regular visitors to the club. On 24 July 1965 he was found with a bullet in his head in his car at the back of his nightclub. He died later in Middlesex Hospital.

In this historic video, Mills is seen making his last defence of his world title at Earls Court on 24 January 1950 against American Joey Maxim. Despite Mills dominating the fight in the early stages, Maxim came more and more into it. In the tenth, he caught Mills with a flurry of punches to the head and knocked him out. It was Mills' last fight.


Randolph (Randy) Turpin (1928-1966) was an English boxer generally considered to be Europe's best middleweight of the 1940s and 1950s. He briefly became world champion in 1951 by beating the American Sugar Ray Robinson, but lost it again on the return fight in the USA. His career went into decline, despite a few false dawns. The nadir was an unsuccessful change of direction to become a professional wrestler, where his lack of showmanship let him down. It is likely that his loss of reputation and business failure led to depression.  Soon after being declared bankrupt, Turpin committed suicide by shooting himself in 1966. It is reported that, on the same day, he tried to kill his daughter.

Here is the footage of Turpin's famous defeat of world champion Robinson.


And here, both Turpin and Robinson are interviewed after Robinson turned the tables and recaptured his world title.