"They're expecting Fyfe Robertson the morn, though."

James 'Fyfe' Robertson (1902-1987) was an Edinburgh-born journalist who became one of British television's first 'roving reporters' through his regular appearances on the Tonight programme. He often looked into the lives and labours of 'ordinary people' such as Northumbrian fishermen (see the clip above) or miners, as in this story Caught on Camera.  His style was ironic and his manner faintly patronising. It's interesting, given the furore his visit to Ashington caused, that Robertson was himself the son of a miner.

Fyfe Robertson
Permission Granted by Copyright Owner for Use on Book DrumFyfe Robertson - Credit: Terry Guntrip
Robertson's idiosyncratic accent, along with his pointed beard and tweed trilby, made him a favourite subject for parody, which served to increase his  fame in the late 1950s.