"Nine goals altogether - it's like the games Roy of the Rovers plays in The Tiger, but this is for real."
Roy of the Rovers cover
Creative Commons AttributionRoy of the Rovers cover - Credit: atomicShed

Roy of the Rovers was a comic strip character in The Tiger. Roy Race was a professional footballer with Melchester Rovers (also fictional), who were consistently involved either with title and cup challenges or - equally dramatic if alarmingly inconsistent - flirting with relegation. In the period covered by We Never Had It So Good Melchester became League Champions in 1958, and won the FA Cup the following season, by which time Race was captain. Roy of the Rovers was still going up to the end of the millennium, first as player and then as manager, long after The Tiger had been merged with later publications. It has long been a journalistic cliche to describe an exciting game or the dramatic rise of a star player as 'real Roy of the Rovers stuff'. Roy had an equally eventful life off the pitch - kidnapped at least five times in ten years, losing a leg in a helicopter crash in 1992 (which unsurprisingly ended his playing career) and losing his wife Penny in a car crash in 1995.