"he gives me a V sign and retreats into the woods."

V sign (insult)
Public DomainV sign (insult)
The V sign, with palm facing inwards to the signer, has been a form of obscene insult for many years in Britain, Ireland, Austalia and New Zealand. It was said to originate from English archers (who form a V with their fingers when drawing back a loaded bow) making the sign to the French as a gesture of contempt at the Battle of Agincourt, but there is no solid evidence for this. 

During the Second World War Winston Churchill characteristically made  a V sign to the crowds to indicate 'Victory', and this sense has stuck since, though in this case with the back of the hand facing the signer. In the early days Churchill would make the sign with his palm turned inwards; perhaps he was advised of its meaning to the lower classes and altered the gesture accordingly.