"The chatter is from the dozens and dozens of girls gathered in their twos and threes around the yard who all seem to have exciting news or secrets to tell each other."
Girls' playground
Permission Granted by Copyright Owner for Use on Book DrumGirls' playground - Credit: Gospel Oak School

Typically, in the junior schools of the 1950s, the boys and girls would be separated from each other. Some had separate schools, often adjoining, or at least separate yards for playtime and dinner breaks. The two yards were very different in character, as the author explains in this story. While the boys fought, played football and 'mount the cuddy' (a game that involves one line of boys bending down to make the back of the 'cuddy' or donkey for the other boys to jump on), the girls would skip, perform handstands against the wall and play 'baysie', a form of hopscotch.