"It wasn't a fortune, not like that Viv Nicholson woman a couple of years later who said she was going to spend, spend, spend and finished up in the Sunday papers."

Viv Nicholson won £152,319 on the football pools in 1961, and excitedly told the press she was going to 'spend, spend, spend'. She and her husband subsequently became tabloid fodder because of their extravagant lifestyle and high profile absurdities. Shortly after her husband Keith died in a car crash in 1965, Viv Nicholson was declared bankrupt. She continued to attract interest among the tabloids for her many marriages and her attempts to obtain money, including a spell performing Big Spender in a strip club.  A 1976 book of her life story was dramatised as a BBC Play for Today production Spend Spend Spend and a musical with the same title enjoyed some success in London's West End in 1998. Barbara Dickson won the Olivier Award that year for her starring role in the show.

Enjoy some clips from the musical, and the surprise presentation of the Olivier Award to Barbara Dickson. (There are some passing shots of the older Viv Nicholson dancing too.)