"apart from buying The War Cry in the Comrades every Saturday night my dad can't stick church people"

War Cry magazines
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The War Cry is a publication produced and sold by the evangelical Christian movement, The Salvation Army. The Army was started in Britain in 1865, but soon spread its wings and now operates in over 100 countries. Partly a temperance movement, in its early days it was best known for 'saving' and sheltering the derelicts of society such as alcoholics and prostitutes. In Britain in the 1950s officers of the Army were a common sight visiting the pubs and clubs at the weekends to sell The War Cry. They usually got a good response from the drinkers, who were either genuinely benignly disposed, or felt that buying the magazine was the quickest way to be rid of the visitors. The Salvation Army is a military-style organization with its titles and uniforms, and most of its local branches have a military-style brass band which can often be seen fund-raising on the streets on flag days and festivals.