"crate upon crate of empties, mostly Newcastle Brown or Amber Ale"

Newcastle Brown Ale
GNU Free Documentation LicenseNewcastle Brown Ale - Credit: Yunggunn2k3

 Newcastle Brown Ale is a bottled beer introduced by Newcastle Breweries in 1927 and produced in one or other of the city's breweries until 2005 when production transferred to Gateshead, then later to North Yorkshire. It remains a North East iconic product, often called simply 'Broon' by the locals or, occasionally, 'Dog'. Newcastle Amber was a weaker sister product to Brown Ale, and was considered by some to be largely a woman's drink.












In the late 1950s and 1960s locally-born opera singer Owen Brannigan sang on a TV ad for Newcastle Brown Ale to the tune of local ballad Cushy Butterfield:

If you want a drink that's perfection indeed,

I'll give you a guide to fulfilling your need,

At home by your fireside, in club or in bar,

The sign of good taste is the famous Blue Star.

It's a strong beer it's a bottled beer, with the north's biggest sale...

For complete satisfaction, Newcastle Brown Ale!

The original TV ad seems to have been lost, but here is an interesting curiosity. In November 1972 famous Geordie rock band Lindisfarne were recording in New York when there was a technical hitch with one of the instruments. To fill in the time, band member Rod Clements sang the song impromptu - this recording has been preserved. Click on the image below to hear it.