"I'm little Joey and Vince is Shane."

Shane is a 1953 Western based on the novel of the same name by Jack Schaefer. Alan Ladd stars as a stranger who wanders into town and becomes reluctantly involved in a conflict between the simple homesteaders and the powerful cattle baron who is trying to force them off their land. Joey is the young son of the household where Shane stays to work. The boy hero-worships the gunslinger Shane and contrasts him with his father Joe Starrett, whom he wrongly believes to be a coward. The plot is complicated by Shane's attraction to Starrett's wife, which is reciprocated but never consummated - eventually the stranger (who has been wounded, perhaps fatally, by a gunshot) rides off into the sunset after eliciting a promise from Joey that he will look after the family.  

Enjoy the trailer to this great Fifties classic.