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Page 104. " We should take the ball across to Beatrice Street and have a kick about. "

Beatrice Street, a row of colliery houses in Ashington, was the childhood home of Jack and Bobby Charlton, and still the home of their parents at the time of this story. (In 1966, after England won the World Cup, Jack bought his mother a new house in Ashington which she called Jules Rimet after the World Cup trophy.) Beatrice Street was one of a number of rows named after Shakespearean heroines. It was flanked by Portia Street - where the author's mother lived out her final days - and Rosalind Street. Juliet Street was in the next block along. It seems the town planners' stock of Shakespeare's heroines soon ran out as the street beyond Portia is called Ariel Street, still in the Shakespearean mode but not female - Ariel is an androgynous spirit in The Tempest (whose heroine is Miranda; Miranda Street would have been more consistent). They did, however, show more imagination in this part of Ashington than in naming the first blocks of colliery rows in the town First Row, Second Row etc up to Eleventh Row.