An Amazon reviewer Nicola Haggard wrote:

To sum up this book in one word would be impossible. It is equally as refreshing as it is deeply moving, enabling any reader to enjoy short stories ranging from the natural curiosity and desire for adventure that children thrived upon, to the Munich Air Disaster. I absolutely loved this book. It is unusual to discover a book that is so exquisitely written that you feel you've learnt a lot by the end of it. It's set in a bygone age, that will appeal not only to the older generation reflecting on similar memories, but also to younger people, like myself, to learn what life was like in the 1950s. A book to read from front to back on a lazy Sunday afternoon, or a book to keep on top of your newspaper pile for a step back in time whenever the mood takes you. Whatever type of reader you are, I guarantee you will love this book. Happy reading!

Another Amazon reviewer John Nelson wrote: 

My wife and I have both read this book. She comes from Ashington, I come from North West Durham, but we both think this book refers to us.Absolutely brilliant, well written, and worth more than 5 stars.

From a newspaper review:

We Never Had It So Good is a joy... a rich mix of comedy, tragedy and social observation.-- Hexham Courant August 17, 2007