Ashington, Northumberland

All of the stories are set in the mining village of Ashington, Northumberland in the North East of England in the late 1950s. 


Location of Ashington, Northumberland, England
GNU Free Documentation LicenseLocation of Ashington, Northumberland, England
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Ashington was then at the centre of the mining industry, and was known as 'the biggest pit village in the world.'

Woodhorn Colliery
Woodhorn Colliery Museum
Creative Commons AttributionWoodhorn Colliery Museum - Credit: Amanda BH Slater

The image shown here is of Woodhorn Colliery, one of half a dozen collieries in and around Ashington at the time. Woodhorn Colliery is now a mining museum. The statue of the miner shown here was originally in Hirst Park, Ashington, and is referred to in the book as part of the story 'Old Man Tate'.