"I'm his golden goose"
'Simpleton takes the goose to the inn'
Public Domain'Simpleton takes the goose to the inn' - Credit: Project Gutenberg

The Golden Goose is a traditional German fairytale from the Brothers Grimm.

It tells the tale of the youngest of three brothers, a simple boy who is sent to chop wood after his older brothers have been injured. In the forest he meets a small man who begs some food and drink; generous where his brothers were mean, the boy shares his provisions with the man and avoids an accident. The man points out a tree to him – he chops it down and discovers a golden goose inside.

On his way home, the boy stops in a tavern where his goose is much admired. The innkeeper’s daughter attempts to pluck one of its feathers but she sticks to the goose; when her sisters and other onlookers attempt to touch her or the goose they also get stuck. The boy picks up the goose and marches home with the procession of stuck people behind him.

The king’s daughter, an unhappy girl, is looking out of her window when she sees the unlikely parade pass her. Having never laughed before, the princess is moved to laugh until she cries. Thrilled, the king offers the boy his daughter’s hand in marriage and the tale ends happily.

Read the full text of the story here.

A very different goose-related fable is Aesop's story of the Goose that laid the Golden Eggs.