"better than Al Capone"

Al Capone's mugshot from Alcatraz
Public DomainAl Capone's mugshot from Alcatraz - Credit: Federal Bureau of Prisons
 Alphonse Gabriel Capone (better known as ‘Al’) was born to Italian immigrant parents in Brooklyn, New York, in 1899. He became one of America’s most notorious gangsters, running The Chicago Outfit – a group of criminals who were dedicated to smuggling and bootlegging alcohol during the era of Prohibition.  He was also involved in other illegal activities such as bribery and prostitution but, despite this, he was a famous public figure and often regarded quite well for the large amounts of money which he would give to charity – the ‘modern Robin Hood’.

Famously difficult to catch, Al Capone was eventually caught in 1931, in the wake of the St Valentine’s Day Massacre in which seven gangsters were killed in Chicago – however, he was sentenced for tax evasion as his criminal dealings were impossible to prove. After a period of time in prison, including Alcatraz, Al Capone began to suffer from ill health and eventually died in 1947 from a stroke.

He has been immortalised in popular culture in books, films and plays.