"one of those kimono type dresses"

A group of women wearing modern kimonos in Morioka
GNU Free Documentation LicenseA group of women wearing modern kimonos in Morioka - Credit: Ümit Yaldiz
The word ‘kimono’ means, in Japanese, ‘thing to wear’, but has come to mean a full-length traditional robe which can be worn by men and women (in practice, usually women). The kimono is a loose robe of straight lines with long, wide sleeves; it is wrapped around the body with the left side over the right and secured with a sash called an obi.

Traditionally a kimono is sewn by hand from a single and entire bolt of fabric, often a richly coloured and patterned silk. Designs are often varied to be appropriate to the season, incorporating different flowers, animals and birds.

Today, a kimono is usually worn in Japan on special occasions, although some women and men may wear one on a daily basis. The kimono style became popular in the Western world in the early 20th century and a ‘kimono type dress’ is likely to be a loose, flowing wrap-around dress in a bright oriental-inspired pattern.

Instructions for making a kimono.