"poisoned her integrity like arsenic"

Metallic arsenic
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeMetallic arsenic - Credit: Tomihahndorf
 Arsenic (chemical symbol As) is a commonly occurring metalloid which is found in many minerals. Metallic arsenic is mostly used as a strengthening alloy for copper and lead, but is also sometimes found in pesticides and insecticides.

Arsenic is incredibly poisonous and the contamination of groundwater due to its use in pesticides or near where it is mined is a dangerous problem. The symptoms of arsenic poisoning include headaches, confusion, drowsiness and diarrhea, which can lead to stomach pains, vomiting, muscle cramping and convulsions. Eventually, the poisoning will lead to coma and death.

Prolonged exposure to small amounts of arsenic (such as in groundwater) can be easily treated if the early symptoms are recognised and diagnosed; if left untreated it can lead to damaging health effects such as heart diseases and cancer of the skin, lungs, kidneys and liver.